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Top 20 United Airlines Memes

United messed up big time, and the internet had a blast with it. Here are the Top 20 United Airlines memes of April, 2017.

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20. Hospital-ity

19. Side effects include headache, busted lip, and a gazillion dollar lawsuit.

18. How to Lose a Billion Dollars

17. Should have downloaded the dictionary app


16. Real footage

15. Hope he flew Southwest.

14. I don't think 'friendly' means what you think it means.

13. Some participation trophies are earned.

12. *caption this*


11. Valid Point

10. That's one way to do it. (This one kills me every time)

United Airlines Memes

9. Must be really popular

New United Airlines Mottos & Memes

8. The New Safety Card

7. Should have done the market research

United Airlines Memes

6. Makes Sense to me

5. The quickest way to become the most hated person in an industry

Bayside Journal

4. Give 'em the chair!

3. I wonder what the rewards on this card might be.

2. Hurry while supplies last.

1. 1. Savage

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