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The Five Stages Of The ONE Relative On Thanksgiving As Told By Jordan Belfort...

We all know him or can either dread the encounter or look forward to it as it'll bring laughs for many more Thanksgivings to come...

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First Stage: A drink strong enough to sedate your grandfather..

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It all starts with that very, very strong pour that even your grandfather, the veteran liquor drinker, wouldn't dare pour..

Second Stage: The invitation..

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He calls you over to the table, bottle cracked and ready to be emptied, offers you the tempting beverage while your mother glares at you from afar...

Third Stage: The business proposal..

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Every one is listening, whether they want to or not, the "million dollar idea" is being announced, seeing whether he can get a would be foolish investor in his scheme..

Fourth Stage: Fight night..

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It happens every year, usually around the same time, usually after the same amount of drinks, typically right before desert, cause who wants to enjoy their pumpkin pie anyways???

Fifth & Final Stage: THE BOOT

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The..Friday Scaries??..You know He'll wake up with 'em come Black Friday morning after getting a nice *ss whoopin' from Grandpa Joe..

Please don't be that relative..Drink Responsibly

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