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Happy Thirteenth Birthday, Reanimation! You Deserve The Recognition!

On July 30th, Linkin Park's (underrated) remix album Reanimation turned thirteen, and I want to give this album a shout out!

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If you remember, back in 2000--on October, 24th, to be exact--Linkin Park released their debut album titled Hybrid Theory.

It is one of Linkin Park's best albums. (Possibly their best album, depending on whom you ask.) And has the certifications for it. To date, it has gone platinum in eleven countries; multi-platinum in four countries; and diamond in the U.S.

Twenty months later, it birthed the magnificent Reanimation! The perfect remix of Hybrid Theory.

It hasn't done as well as in sales as Hybrid Theory, and it is a mystery--a shame, really--as to why.

I mean, listen to how amazing this opening is!

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And then this fantastic remix to "In The End"!

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"One thing, I don't know why it doesn't even matter how hard you try. Keep that in mind. I designed this rhyme when I was obsessed with time."

And the beautiful and brief "Ntr \ Mssion".

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*plays piano eerily beautifully*

Not to mention this haunting remix to "Papercut".

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"Theeee suuuuuuuuuun gooooes dooooooooown. I feel the light betray me."

And then this beautifully sad remix to the (underrated) "My December" (which was featured on every special edition of Hybrid Theory except for the Live at Download Festival 2014 edition)

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"And I'd give it all away just to have somewhere to go to. Give it all away to have someone to come home to." *cries*

And then closes with this amazing remix of "Crawling".

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"There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface. Consuming, confusing."

So, happy birthday, Reanimation! Though you may not get the recognition you deserve, I can attest that the people who love you enjoy all 3,652 seconds of you.

Thirteen years, and I can still jam to this entire album from start to finish.

Also, shout out to Mike Shinoda--who produced this--and Mark "Spike" Stent--who remixed this--because they managed to take Hybrid Theory and make it even more remarkable.

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