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    Updated on May 22, 2019. Posted on Jan 4, 2017

    About Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP)

    If you haven’t heard about accelerated mobile pages or if you are looking for the less tiresome way to access information on the internet, this article will probably answer all the above-mentioned concerns.

    As a mobile user, you want to access the pages faster than the other devices, if your answer is positive, it is important that you read the article completely to find more about the AMP. Generally speaking, most of the owners of the websites and digital marketing experts will need to familiarize themselves with the technology of AMP, especially if you or your peers want to get the maximum benefits out of the AMP. Though the advantages of these AMP pages concerns with the ability to load pages faster than the normal speed, however, it does not mean that the disadvantages can be completely overlooked. In simple words, there is a need to assess the both sides of the instantly loaded pages with the help of AMP.

    Defining AMP

    Before discussing the merits and demerits of the AMP, it is imperative to explain what exactly AMP stand for and what could be the impact of this development. Broadly speaking, the accelerated mobile pages are a free source, which makes it easy for the people to create pages that are instantly opened or loaded. The features of JS, cache libraries and HTML facilitates in increasing the speed in terms of processing to open a page or access it, especially if it in PDF or any other form of infographics. To put simply, it is a light version of a technology to make your accessibility to certain pages easier than the other means due to the lack of all those features which can slow down the speed or accessibility process.

    Although all the pages without the extension of AMP are quite appealing in the visual sense, however, the missing points in terms of the scope of AMP are available on the normal pages. For instance, the search icons are in a wide range on the navigation bar. On the other hand, a page which has AMP, the accessibility of social buttons is easy and quick, which is preferred by many users.

    The significance of AMP has got to do with the convenience it offers to the users, which directly plays a role in maintaining the traffic of users on a specific page or site. This means the speed of the AMP improves the quality of experience users want to have when they visit the page. Consequently, the mobile ranking and results of your content are improved manifolds. This does not mean that AMP can improve the frequency of the users visit on particular pages, rather it is the time taken to load your page in few seconds, which play a role in increasing your SERP. This means that the AMP may not yield the results on its own or without relying on the speed and other factors. In other words, the smooth functioning of AMP requires you to provide the best experience to the user. The main purpose is to increase the traffic and to increase the search rate or result of your content. This means that the AMP is a not a magic wand, however, if it is used realistically, it can generate incredible results.

    Before you opt for the AMP, it is important that you are aware of all the strengths and weaknesses of the AMP.

    Merits of AMP

    * Speed

    As it has been mentioned before, the obstacles in the smooth functioning and loading of a page are decreased in the AMP by reducing the impeding elements. So, the rate of loading a page is quite fast, which is often the main concern of the users. As a result, the number of visitors to sites is increased.

    * High Mobile Ranking
    Even though the fast speed of AMP is not directly related to the ranking of the device, however, one of the surprising benefits of the AMP is that the positive impact improves the mobile ranking to a large extent. This means if the popular search engines work on the AMP, the impact can drastically alter the SERPs as well. It can be very helpful even in marketing as per seo expert houston.

    * Performance of the Server
    Heavy traffic on certain websites and content pages has contributed to decreasing the quality of experience for the users, however, with the introduction of AMP, it can be claimed that the load on the servers can be controlled to make the overall performance better.

    Demerits of AMP

    * Revenue of Ads

    Despite the support of the AMP for ads, the propensity to generate revenues is not as much as it is desired. Likewise, the process of putting ads on the AMP supported pages is not very easy either.

    * Search Engine Analytics

    The analytics of search engines is also friendly to AMP; however, the requirement of a separate tag makes the application hard. Fr example, the tag has to be implemented on the entire AMP all over again, which requires time to process the data. As a result, the whole process of coordination may become lengthy than expectations.

    * Saved Cache
    Even though there is no new technology being offered by the search engine to make the process of loading pages faster, however, the saved cached of AMP supported pages contributes in making the process faster. In simple words, the cache helps to access the pages at a fast speed. This very benefit of saved cache is seen as the merit of the search engines rather than the AMP.

    In short, the merits of AMP are quite interesting; however, it is important to consider the number of demerits in order to a right decision. For example, ask yourself if you can manage the revenue that is less than expectation or usual return? Is working in the absence of the search engine helpful charts or infographic possible for you? And are you willing to make your business depended on the search cache in addition to taking advantages of the benefits of AMP?

    * Comparison of AMP with Responsive Design
    Responsive design is endorsed by the famous search engine, which makes it important in the eyes of the experts; nevertheless, it cannot be taken as the final authority, as the personal choice also matters. On the other hand, the speed of the AMP higher than the UX in addition to decreased bounce rates is an outstanding feature. Similarly, the process of installing an AMP is relatively easy, which requires one to add the code in the page header. While the benefits of AMP are appealing, the tendency of AMP to pair your site with the search engine is a big disadvantage for many experts. This means if the cache of the search engine has no caches stored, the pages from a mobile cannot be accessed.


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