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The Try Guys March In The Pride Parade

The Try Guys support the LGBTQIA community and the Supreme Court's historic ruling to legalize same-sex marriage across America by marching in the LA Pride Parade for the first time. #LoveWins

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The Try Guys were thrilled to march in the 45th Annual LA Pride Parade. The video below perfectly captures the atmosphere of love, joy and acceptance that was in the air the entire day.

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They were invited by amBI, a diverse social group that hosts public and private events and activities for bisexuals, their partners, and allies.

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Also, they like dancing.

After donning some hot pants, the sunny Sunday got even hotter.

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Over 400,000 people came to show their support for the LGBTQIA community.

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Also, the crowd liked dancing.

Did we mention the dancing?

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(seriously, there was a lot of dancing)

Ned brought dat ass...

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...and dropped it fast (not integral to the narrative of the parade, but we just wanted an excuse to include this GIF).

And everybody had a really great time!

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Parades are fun!

Congratulations on today's historic announcement granting you the rights you should have had already. Let's all love each other!

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