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These Fathers Revealed Secrets Of Their Past To Their Sons And Things Got Emotional

We shaved away the layers of our relationships with our fathers.

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On the fourth episode of The Try Guys five-part series, the guys shaved their dads for the first time and asked them some emotional questions:

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He expressed gratitude towards his father and mother for being there for him when we he was dealing with depression. And even though his father took their arguments with a grain of salt, he still appreciated Zach bringing it up and apologizing.

Eugene discussed his fathers absence when he was a kid. His father immediately acknowledged that he wasn't there for Eugene and his sisters when they were growing up. However, he did praise Eugene's mother for stepping in during his absence and playing two roles at once.


His father talked about how his childhood was similar to Eugene's. With his father's death at an early age and his mother abandoning him in high school, he had to learn how to be an adult at a very early age even with the support of relatives.

His dad explained that he made the decision to not reach out to her after having kids because she abandoned him. And even though he didn't say anything then, he was ready to tell Eugene more about his family's history now.


Ned admitted that him and his wife were thinking about starting a family soon. And while he was excited to have kids, he had reservations that it would drastically change his relationship with his wife.