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Unqualified Men Raised Toddlers For A Day And Things Weren't So Bad

"You're not qualified."

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The Try Guys tried a lot of things for their five-part fatherhood series, including raising toddlers for a day and things became hectic:

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Before we get into the day, let's meet the kids:


And Keith really had his work cut out for him. Since he was the youngest of three boys, he wanted to try and experience what his parents did. So he'd be taking care of, Odysseus, Rex, and Ajax. Their father, Ari, described parenthood like, "having a tornado for a pet."


The beginning of the day seemed like the rest of the day would be a breeze. Keith watched Rex and Ajax and at around 9:30 AM, Odysseus woke up. All seemed peaceful...


But the temper tantrums didn't discourage the guys and eventually simmered down. By the late afternoon, it seemed like the guys were getting a grasp on what fatherhood was like. Keith realized that raising three kids was not easy but definitely worth it, while Zach realized that sometimes being a big kid makes raising a little one easier.


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