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    Recovering From An Eating Disorder

    One brave young woman’s story.

    In October of 2014, a young woman named Harriet reached out to BuzzFeed, hoping to share her own personal struggles with eating disorders. Only 17-years-old, Harriet is still on the path to recovery and wants to be a voice of hope for the voiceless.

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    BuzzFeed worked with Harriet to tell her very personal story in this powerful video. All of the materials you see in the video - journals, sketches, and photographs - were provided by Harriet, and the voice you hear is hers.

    "My name is Harriet, and I have hope that all of the bad things I've been through can be turned into something good."

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    "I remember having negative body image for as long as I've had memories. When I was around 3-years-old, I clearly recall my father picking up another little girl and saying that he couldn't pick me up anymore because I was too heavy."

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    "Now I'm seventeen, and I've spent the last three years of my life in and out of hospitals and recovery centers."

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    "I lied to the people I love most and became someone completely unrecognizable."

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    "Having an eating disorder may not be a choice, but you can choose to beat this. I can beat this. You are strong enough. I am strong enough."

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    "My name is Harriet, and I am enough."

    Using her own experience to empower others, Harriet and her dad, a professionally trained chef, are creating a book to help others in recovery discover healthy and enjoyable meal plans. Learn more about the project here.