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    Two Best Friends Went On A Date To See If They Were Low Key In Love

    "Our date was ah-maz-ing!"

    Once upon a time, one man believed that two besties should actually be more than that. So, he set them up on a date to experience how much chemistry they ​*could*​ have.

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    Meet Corey and Nick, they met through a mutual friend one night while intoxicated and bonded over both going to school in Texas.

    One went to a school named "Little," and the other went to a school named "Short."

    They immediately hit it off because they had so many similarities.

    Corey explained that Nick is loyal but sometimes he wants to punch him in the throat...

    …and they both agreed that their friendship is great because they are always there for each other.

    Corey admitted that his initial response would be supportive if Nick jumped into a relationship, which was a shocker to Nick.

    Maybe, Nick wanted Corey to be jealous...we'll just have to see.

    When it was time to go on the date Nick’s mind was somewhere else.

    Let's see how it went!

    The night started and Nick was already being a grandpa.

    Since Nick wanted to go home, Corey found interest in another lover.

    Soon after, Nick woke the fuck up and realized that dates with friends are a necessity.

    The next day, they both reflected on the date and agreed that they had a great night. From the food, to the conversation, they both hit it off really well.

    Butttttttttt, despite all the fun they had, it was pretty clear they just wanted to stay friends.