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This Dude Asked Strangers If He Could Hang Out With Them For A Day

An adventure that includes foot stabbing, Spanish films, and tacos.

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I walked around Hollywood asking strangers if I could hang out with them, and things got pretty crazy.

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The world is a scary place, but that doesn't mean you can't ask strangers to hang out! So, I decided to walk around the streets of L.A. and ask people:

During my adventure, I met some nice ladies who were waiting to see a James Bay concert! I couldn't hang out with them, but I offered to bring them tacos later.

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I was not about to pretend to know who James Bay was, let alone stand in line all day for him.


And then it happened! After talking it over with Johnny (and his hungover roommate over the phone), I finally caught a fish! I headed to Johnny's house to hang out for the afternoon.

Eventually, Johnny's hungover roommate, Miguel, came down and showed us his injured foot.

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You can't see it well in the gif, but only two weeks prior he had stepped on a broken wine stem. Classic Miguel.

Miguel then revealed he had written a screenplay! So of course we just HAD to act out a scene.

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This moment is just before my character kills Johnny's character and then buries him in my garden.