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I Let Twitter Make My Decisions In New York City

Eating flowers and asking people if they like sausages, ya know, the usual.

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I recently went to New York City and decided to let people on Twitter tell me how to spend my day. Here's what happened:

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I started out my day like any good New Yorker, with a bagel. People told me to hit up Tompkins Bagels and get a chocolate chip bagel but they were OUT. So I decided to ruin my breath for your pleasure instead:

It was fucking hot in NYC, and I decided that both bad breath AND sweaty clothes was not gonna work for me, so I asked my loyal followers where to shop for new clothes!

Then, I got distracted by a farmers market, and my followers told me to buy fresh fruit. So I bought fresh raspberries and ate them with Hoda, who was on vacation from Egypt and had never had fresh raspberries before. Madness! Magic!

My followers told me to go to a small business, so I went to Scotch and Soda and gave the Twittersphere a choice between two outfits. They chose this one and I felt like a new man:

And, last but not least, my followers decided my evening entertainment. I asked whether I should go see Book Of Mormon or Hamilton...and, well, Hamilton won (duh) but it's also super spensy and exclusive... Follow me on Twitter tonight (8/11) to make my decisions in Las Vegas! (The link to my Twitter is below.)


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