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I Let Twitter Make My Decisions In New York City

Eating flowers and asking people if they like sausages, ya know, the usual.

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I recently went to New York City and decided to let people on Twitter tell me how to spend my day. Here's what happened:

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I started out my day like any good New Yorker, with a bagel. People told me to hit up Tompkins Bagels and get a chocolate chip bagel but they were OUT. So I decided to ruin my breath for your pleasure instead:


Then, I got distracted by a farmers market, and my followers told me to buy fresh fruit. So I bought fresh raspberries and ate them with Hoda, who was on vacation from Egypt and had never had fresh raspberries before. Madness! Magic!


And, last but not least, my followers decided my evening entertainment. I asked whether I should go see Book Of Mormon or Hamilton...and, well, Hamilton won (duh) but it's also super spensy and exclusive... Follow me on Twitter tonight (8/11) to make my decisions in Las Vegas! (The link to my Twitter is below.)

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