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12 Songs That Sound The Same

From Cat Stevens to Coldplay to Britney Spears, these songs all sound alike.

1. Cat Stevens - "Foreigner Suite" (1973)

2. Mireille Mathieu & Patrick Duffy - "Together We're Strong" (1983)

3. Survivor - "I Can't Hold Back" (1984)

4. Jermaine Jackson – “When the Rain Begins to Fall” (1984)

5. Alexandru Andries - "Cea mai frumoasa zi" (2000)

6. Dido - "Thank You" (2000)

7. Enanitos Verdes - "Frances Limon" (2002)

8. Joe Satriani - "If I Could Fly" (2004)

9. Reamonn - "Tonight" (2006)

10. Coldplay - "Viva la Vida" (2008)

11. Creaky Boards - "The Songs I Didn't Write" (2008)

12. Britney Spears – “Hold it Against Me” (2011)

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