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Hip Op-Eration Dance Crew Are Taking "Young At Heart" To The Next Level

Kicking it Old Skool, Showing us all how it's done. "RHY - Respect and Honour Youth" - New Zealand's The Royal Family may be reigning World Megacrew Champions but their slightly older competition are garnering as much attention.

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Hip Operations Hit Las Vegas

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If there is one video you should watch today it is this.

An inspirational group of 66 - 96 year olds popping, locking and dropping it to the latest in hip hop music on the international stage.

Characters like Jay Z, Kanye West and Nicki Minage dominate the world of Hip Hop but it's the crew with a point of difference who are on a path of world domination.

Because they want to connect to young hip hoppers in the world hip-hop community and to try and better connect senior citizens with young people, (and the music is loud enough for them to hear) this group of 30 plus geriatrics have busted a move all the way to the Hip Hop World Championships in Las Vegas.

Not letting any of their ailments, wheelchairs or hip operations stop them.

Check them out and hope that you can drop it like its hot as well as them when you reach their age.

Between all of them they've lived for 3000 years

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They're in demand

Deacon Davie and Granny V

The Wall Street Journal / Via

BB Rizzle and Granddaddy M

The Hip Op-eration Crew / Via

New Zealand Sure Knows How To Breed Swag

The Hip Operation Facebook Page / Via Facebook: TheHipOpErationCrew

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