10 Reasons "Humans Of New York" Is Just Plain Awesome

Humans of New York is the latest buzz to bring the marvels of human nature "on the line". Here's just a few of the many reasons your doctor is prescribing a daily dose.

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1. It's Just Some Dude, Doing What He Loves

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In honor of HONY's one millionth "like," here's a screenshot of the message I sent to all my friends and family on day one. I remember it was kind of embarrassing, and I winced a little bit every time I hit "send." But, hey-- you've got to start somewhere.

3. It Gives Us Hope

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"We met before the internet. So I did it the old fashioned way."

"What's that?"

"I put a classified ad in New York Magazine."

"What'd it say?"

"Harvard lawyer, runner, and tennis player looking for woman who is beautiful inside and out. And I got it! It was both of our second marriages, but we've been together 28 years."

4. Simple Words Of Wisdom

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I decided to drop a heavy question on him, and asked: "What's the secret to living a good life?"

He immediately answered: "Don't think bad thoughts."

5. (Eventual) Genuine Goodness

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"One time I was hitchhiking in California when this guy in a truck pulled over and picked me up. The first thing he did was crack open a beer, then he handed me one. I don't even drink, but I pretended to drink it. Then he reached into a compartment and pulled out a handful of weed and asked me if I wanted any. When I told him 'no thanks,' he just threw the handful of weed at me and said 'I don't even need it, I own four weed farms.' At this point it was dark and I was getting pretty nervous. Then he said he had to pee, so he pulled off this side road and drove deep into into the woods. I was gripping my bottle, getting ready to hit him in the face with it."

"So, what happened?"

"Oh nothing. He was just peeing. Then he gave me $200 and bought me dinner."

6. Inspiration - To Photograph, Talk To Strangers, To Be More Interesting

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I asked grandma if her mother was colorful as well. "Nope," she said. "It started with me."

8. It's Just About A Different Perspective

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A girl dangling off the edge of the GW bridge. Several cop cars showed up a few minutes later after several 911 calls. Asked what she was doing, she said: "Enjoying life." Strangely poetic that one person's enjoyment of life can appear to so many as a desire for death.

9. Humans

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Six years ago I got a job in New York, and I needed a roommate, so I found Nate on Craigslist. We lived together for three years and became very good friends. I live in Toronto now, but I come back every couple of weeks to visit with him.

10. So Much More Than Just Humans

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I received a polite, businesslike letter yesterday from somebody asking if they could "draw monsters on my photographs." That's like asking if I want to see a flying side kick. Monsters of New York

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