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    7 Things Clustr Taught Me

    Unleash your inner socialite.

    1. I'm not so good at this nightlife stuff

    Clustr Mobile

    I'm no promoter, but I love a good night out on the town as much as anybody! Not too long ago, I stumbled upon Clustr; an app that claims to be "The Social Compass" showing the active hotspots in your area and the type of crowd in a particular place. I used it for a weekend and here are the truths I encountered.

    2. I really don't know the city like I thought


    What dafuq is Ugly-Kitchen and why are there so many dudes there on a Thursday?

    3. Just because you're FB friends doesn't mean they wanna hang with you


    Okay, so you don't accept my reveal request but I mean we're cool on an acquaintanceship level right.... right?

    4. I'm indecisive AF

    Kardashians_net / Via

    This bar has 7 people, but THIS bar has 26! Do I want to be exclusive tonight or totally immerse myself in ~the scene~?

    5. I have a better sense of direction when I'm drunk


    No Clustr that's not the shortest way to get to TAO! Follow me bitches!

    6. I'm not too old to chill with the cool kids


    I may be out of college, but at least 3/4 of the ppl on Clustr right now are like 24 soooo, I can still go out half naked and not embarrass myself.

    7. Sometimes I don't make the best decisions when drunk


    "Okay girl I'll let you go home with him because at least if you get kidnapped, I can find you on Clustr."

    8. It's totally worth going outside your comfort zone


    "Clustr hopping" throughout the city reminded me why I moved to NYC in the first place. There's so much to do, so many people to meet and no night out ever has to be the same.