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7 Things Clustr Taught Me

Unleash your inner socialite.

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1. I'm not so good at this nightlife stuff

Clustr Mobile

I'm no promoter, but I love a good night out on the town as much as anybody! Not too long ago, I stumbled upon Clustr; an app that claims to be "The Social Compass" showing the active hotspots in your area and the type of crowd in a particular place. I used it for a weekend and here are the truths I encountered.

3. Just because you're FB friends doesn't mean they wanna hang with you

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Okay, so you don't accept my reveal request but I mean we're cool on an acquaintanceship level right.... right?

6. I'm not too old to chill with the cool kids

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I may be out of college, but at least 3/4 of the ppl on Clustr right now are like 24 soooo, I can still go out half naked and not embarrass myself.

8. It's totally worth going outside your comfort zone

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"Clustr hopping" throughout the city reminded me why I moved to NYC in the first place. There's so much to do, so many people to meet and no night out ever has to be the same.

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