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This Shiba From Japan Is The Cutest And The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Her

The cutest meme you'll see all day.

This is Uni-chan, the Japanese Shiba who is making big news for being so cute while riding in a swing.


unihalo / Via Instagram: @unihalo

*This photoshoot was done before the park opened, and the swing was disinfected after Uni-chan was done.

unihalo / Via Instagram: @unihalo

"She has always loved high places and toys." Uni-chan's owner, Mr. Saito told BuzzFeed Japan.

unihalo / Via Instagram: @unihalo

It wasn't long before Uni-chan became an international sensation.

unihalo / Via Instagram: @unihalo

The internet turned Uni-chan into a celebrity, with a little help from Photoshop.

Now Uni-chan rides rollercoasters...

Eats ice cream...


'Swings' in a different sense...

Takes to the skies...

Climbs the clouds...

Goes even further, out into the depths of space...


She's even touched the hand of god...

What does Uni-chan's owner, Mr. Saito, think of her achievements?

"Before I knew it Uni-chan's cuteness had spread worldwide. I am happy to see so many people learning about Japanese Shiba dogs' personalities. I was very shocked, but also very thankful."

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