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10 Incredible Spreadsheet Art Drawn With Microsoft Excel

Some people are really good at drawing interesting things with the kinda boring spreadsheet application.

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1. Barak Obama

by kotak888
katak888 / Via

2. Cherry Blossoms by a 73 Year Old Excel Artist

by Tatsuo Horiuchi

3. Monalisa

by Amit Agarwal

4. Avatar

by Amit Agarwal

5. Super Mario by Zach with a Heartful Message to His Son

by Zach Rosenberg

6. Spyder Man

by Kevin Alcala

7. Nyan Cat

by oscarit07

8. Darth Vader

by shukei

View this video on YouTube

shukeiart / Via

9. Abstract Excel Art

View this video on YouTube

LoweCafeina / Via

10. Collaborative Spreadsheet Art with Google Docs

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google / Via

by google

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