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Northern RAP - 2016

NRAP is coming up! Are you ready to learn all about this great opportunity?

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NRAP's Theme:

Various perspectives shared by our members, inclusive of ethnicity, age, gender, religious preference, sexual orientation, differing abilities, race, gender expression, socioeconomic status, or spirituality add a dynamic which enriches the membership and mission of the Association.

The theme, representing values of our host institution, San Francisco State University, speaks to the need of continuing to educate students on social justice issues as well as to empower students to be advocates in their communities. This year, we are inviting Northern RAP program presenters, roundtable hosts, and participants to engage in dialogue and learning on social justice issues, advocacy, and fostering inclusive communities in each of program and roundtable types – not just with those specifically tagged as a Diversity / Social Justice program or roundtable type.

The NRAP committe will be bringing more information about how the team plans on interpreting the theme into our costumes and SPIRIT.

Speaking of Spirit

At NRAP, our CSU East Bay delegation can earn points by participating in SPIRIT activities! The NRAP committee will work with you all to create our costumes for NRAP. They will also be facilitating the creation of the East Bay items that we will give away. Finally, be on the look out for emails about NRAP Facebook challenges. (Join now if you haven't already: NRAP Facebook)

NRAP Spirit


As a NRAP attendee, you also have the opportunity to submit a Program or Roundtable proposal. To help ensure an NRAP experience with varied learning opportunities for participants, they are looking for programs and roundtables falling within the categories outlined below.

Educational: promoting and encouraging student learning in and out of the classroom

Social: fostering relationship and community building in a wide-range of communities

Safety / Wellness / Living Styles: sharing knowledge, tools, and resources to promote safety and wellness

Diversity / Social Justice: building one’s awareness and knowledge of diversity and social justice to help foster greater understanding of others and create more inclusive communities

Creativity: encouraging and modeling innovative thinking to how resident education, programs, and advertising is implemented

Professional / Personal Development: sharing resources, advice, and skills to prepare students and professionals for the next stage in their life or career

Based on the theme this year, NRAP invites program presenters, roundtable hosts, and participants to engage in dialogue and learning on social justice issues, advocacy, and fostering inclusive communities in each of the programs and roundtables.

All Program and Roundtable proposals are due 11:59pm on Friday October 14th, 2016!

NRAP Programming

Yes, You can Present!

What a great opportunity for professional development, resume building, and practice with your peers in a safe space!

However, if you are feeling a little nervous about creating a proposal or need some assistance, please reach out to your A/RLCs for help!

I am also available for meetings to work on a Program Proposal or Roundtable Proposal! Please email me and we can set up a time to meet.

Program Proposals

Putting on a Program is similar to putting on a program here at CSU East Bay, you just need to remember your audience! What can you teach your peers?

Please keep in mind that the Program Committee will select programs that best fit the following criteria:

•Clarity of purpose/rationale of the presentation

•Potential interest to a diverse group of staff

•Presented information is as up to date as possible and coincides with current needs and trends in Higher Education today

•Opportunity for audience participation

•Connection with conference theme

•Applies to needs faced by students, student leaders, and / or staff

•Proper citing of sources for programs which were not created by the presenter

To Submit a Program Proposal, please go here: NRAP 2016 Program Proposal Form


Putting on a Roundtable means hosting an open discussion where you moderate the conversation and provide input or direction when necessary. Past Roundtables have included some topics such as homesickness, building community on the weekend, work balance, and cultural appropriation.

Roundtable Hosts can prepare by having a short 3-5 minute introduction of the topic and / or prepared prompts throughout the session that will help guide the discussion.

To Submit a Roundtable Proposal, please go here: NRAP 2016 Roundtable Proposal Form

Keynote Speaker

In addition to Programs and Roundtables, you also have the opportunity to submit an application to be the NRAP 2016 Keynote Speaker!


You will be required to submit:

1. Typed manuscript for an 8-10 minute speech (the speech should be your own work, any aid or borrowed material should be properly acknowledged within the body of the speech).

2. Photo, submitted in electronic format, for inclusion in the NRAP 2016 program book (will not be included in materials reviewed by selection committee).

3. A recording (audio or audio/visual) of you giving a portion of the address (at least five


- Method of submission: Please upload a video to a YouTube account. The link and information to view your video should be emailed to

- If unable to upload a video to YouTube, contact Ben Nissan via e-mail (

4. Keynote Submission Entry Application (see link).

The Northern RAP keynote sub-committee will select one speech based on the following criteria:

1. Reflect the 2016 theme... NRAP: Moving from Awareness to Advocacy

- As a student leader, how have you pushed your peers to promote Social Justice, and foster a healthy and inclusive community?

- How do you push others to better advocate for marginalized identities education?

- How are you passionate about social justice/ what makes you passionate about social justice issues?

2. Ability to inspire and excite other paraprofessional staff

3. Quality of the written script (ability to articulate thoughts, appropriate language)

4. Delivery (ability to communicate through speech)

The 2016 NRAP keynote speaker will receive a $100 honorarium for their efforts and contribution to the conference.

Keynote Speaker Information

Last, but Certainly not Least... Philanthropy

San Francisco State is committed to serving the diverse community that calls SFSU home. In recent years, San Francisco’s housing market has skyrocketed, resulting in the displacement of many of our students. For this year’s philanthropy, NRAP will invest in a toiletry pantry. We are asking participating institutions to provided newly acquired toiletries to donate.

More information on specific items and point systems to be announced soon!

NRAP Philanthropy

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