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Five Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When My Mother Walked Out Of My Life

In life, especially when you are young, many minor inconveniences feel as if they will end your world. I’ll never forget the day in fourth grade when a seemingly innocent “friend” turned against me entirely and said gross things about me. That was one of the many, many, countless times my fragile prepubescent life was over as I knew it. I got over it, though. At least I learned how to cope and function as normally as I could, being ten years old and all. A moment that will always, always stick with me will be the day my mother told us all that she decided to live with her current boyfriend, following a prison and rehabilitation sentence. Which turned out to be entirely useless, but that’s a different story for a different time. Nothing could possibly compare to the way my heart sank when I learned she wasn’t coming home with us. I still can’t decide if the feeling was heartbreak, hopelessness, or just sheer shock. I still don't completely know how to feel about it, even today, eight years later. As a twelve-year old, this was the real end. If my mother didn’t want me, what use was I to the world? What was my point in living? I’d like to preface this list with saying that I had a very supportive, sympathetic family that tried their best to help, but without experiencing it, without actually being me or my brother, how much could they have known? Through the years following my mother’s departure, I learned a lot of tough lessons about the true impact on abandonment, and what it means to forgive, and maybe forget.

kgilbert 2 years ago