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The 12 Most Embarrassing Things You’d Find In Your Early 2000s Time Capsule

Rediscovering your childhood one awkward post at a time.

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1. Body glitter

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Body glitter was a staple of the early 2000s; the more you wore, the cooler you became

2. Puka shell necklaces

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Puka shell necklaces were the epitome of “laid back” and “chill”

3. Juicy Couture tracksuits

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The uniform for the team every girl seemed to be on

4. A picture of yourself with frosted tips or bleached hair

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You’re cringing now but don’t act like you didn’t want to look like Sugar Ray, half of *NSYNC or Eminem

5. Paper fortune tellers

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Definitely more reliable than your guidance counselor or any psychic

6. Studded belts

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How else was everyone supposed to know how emo you were?

7. LIVESTRONG wristbands

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Because you were athletic AND philanthropic

8. Nokia phones

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Because Snake was life

9. Trucker hats

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Seen more on celebrities than actual truckers, everybody had to have one

10. Yu-Gi-Oh! / Pokémon cards

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Gotta catch ‘em all! Though this might be the only one you’re not embarrassed about today (you should be)

11. Flip phones

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Mastering the one-handed flip was the ultimate cool move

12. Homemade VHS of you and your friends

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Everyone went through an awkward phase in middle school - imagine having that preserved on film (good luck finding a VHS player)

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