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    • KeepTheFaith

      Of course this abuse is out of order, but anyone who is following this campaign will know it can be just as bad on the No side. The internet gives a voice to anyone, including idiots like these.  If you agree with the last statement then you need to ask the question: why is there so much focus in the papers, TV and online on the media-branded “cybernats”? I believe the UK government and establishment are playing a very dirty game now. The influence over the media is so strong that the supposedly impartial BBC have been proven to be seriously biased in favour of a No vote.  Please consider this before tarnishing all supporters of independence with the same brush.  I am pro-independence but believe Rowling is absolutely entitled to her view and can donate her money as she pleases.  I wonder if this post will be included in the “unbelievably nice cybernat reactions to JK Rowling’s £1m donation”?

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