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    • keenena

      Anwar Awlaki was born in New Mexico to Yemeni parents. I want to expound upon this fact with more facts which were revealed in a book called Ghost Wars : The secret history of the CIA in Afghanistan by Steve Coll. The book was a result of over a decade of information pieced together from interviews with prior state department officials to critical analysis of news and independent reporting. Under CIA director William Casey schools for training “freedom fighters” were established in Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona in the early 1980’s which TAUGHT RADICAL INTERPRETATIONS of the Quran. The idea was to develop religious zeal to get American Arabs to develop an insurgency in the socialist government of Afghanistan, destroy cooperative farms, and assassinate government officials. This campaign on Anwar Awlaki is nothing more than a classic example of capitalism eating its own tail.

    • keenena

      Diane Fienstein: “The next time we’re gonna clear the chamber and bring people back in one by one, this witness (john brennan) is ENTITLED to be heard ladies and gentleman. So please give him that opportunity.” Excuse me but over the years haven’t we heard enough lies from John Brennan, John McCain, Barack Obama, and the rest of the bipartisan cabal. They talk of “targeted strikes” and use the phrase “signature strikes” as though these are synonymous, but what signature strikes are is using stereotypes to label people as terrorists or likely terrorists. The United States of America has been onakilling spree far too long and it’sakilling spree that predates the 911 lies.Asure sign of ignorance is when somebody thinks they’ve displayed wisdom by labeling those who use their freedom of speech as ignorant activists. Jim Hansen, crawl back under your rock.

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