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49 Coolest Pokémon Items On Etsy

Etsy has Pokémon EVERYTHING!

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1. Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

(They smell like black tea.)

(They smell like black tea.)

2. Pokéball Gauges

3. Pikachu Booty Shorts

4. Forced Pun Coffee Cup

5. Pokémon Eye Chart

6. Pokéball BFF Necklace

7. Pokémon Pipes

8. Pokéball Cake Pops

9. Pokémon Card Wallet

10. Pokémon Change Purse

11. Pokéball Cat Toys

12. Custom Candy Bar Wrapper

13. Misty Charm Bracelet

14. Pokéball Coasters

15. Pokédex iPhone Case

16. Pokémon Red Backpack

17. Personalized Cupcake Toppers

18. Game Boy Color Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

19. Pikachu Dressed As Harry Potter Earrings

20. Evo-Stone Necklaces

21. Pokémon Guitar Picks

22. Upcycled T-Shirt Cloth Diaper

23. Pikachu Hair Bow (or Bow Tie)

24. Pokémon Monopoly Game Pieces

25. Pikachu Onesie

26. Pokéball Anklet

27. Personalized Water Bottle Labels

28. Nidorino and Nidorina His and Her Rings

29. Pokémon Pint Glass

30. Pikachu Fleece Blanket

31. Pikachu 1 GB Thumb Drive

32. Pikachu Vinyl Hood Sticker Decal

33. Pokémon Printable Party

34. Pokéball Bra

35. Pokéball Meditation Balls

36. Pokémon Stadium Playing Card Surface

37. Energy Card Earrings

38. Ash Ketchum Trainer Jacket

39. Giant Mew Tail

40. Pokémon False Nails

41. Pokémon Prom Dress

42. Indigo League Gym Badges

43. Slowpoke Tails

44. Missing No. Keychain

45. Pokéball Headphone Jack Plug with Swarovski Crystal

46. Pikachu Picture Frame

47. Pokéball Lighter Case

48. Zombie Pikachu Sculpture

49. Pokémon Bath Salts

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