35 Coolest “Game Of Thrones” Items On Etsy

Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire fans are very dedicated. Here are some of the best things they’ve made based on the books and show.

2. Hand of the King Pin

3. Appropriate Stickers

4. House Sigil Pint Glasses

5. House Sigil Charm Bracelets

6. House Sigil Coasters

7. Stark Bookmarks

8. Braavosi Necklaces

9. Replica Necklaces

10. Khal Drogo Panties

11. Dragonglass Arrowheads

12. Stained Glass Dragon Suncatchers

13. His & Hers Bracelet Set

14. Direwolf Hood

15. Daenerys Perfume

16. True T-Shirts

17. Riverrun Nail Polish

19. Map Necklaces

20. Sansa Dresses

21. Life-Sized Iron Throne Replica

22. House Sigil Water Bottles

23. Checkbook Cover

24. Valar Morghulis Coin

25. Horrifying Arya Stark Doll

26. Dragon Jaw Bone

27. House Sigil Chests

28. Lemon Cake Candle

29. House Stark Mini Skirt

30. Map iPhone Case

31. Duct Tape Tote

32. Dragon Slayer Tankard

34. Davos’ Finger Bones & Pouch

35. Toilet Decal

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