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27 Dogs That Are Growing Suspicious Of You

You really think you can fool your dog? They know what you're up to.

1. "What is this 'fixed' you speak of?"

2. "Why do i hear the bathtub filling up?"

3. "I barked. Why are you not getting the leash?"

4. "I smell cat."

5. "I hope you're not thinking of buying the cheap food again."

6. "This is my pee spot. Why do i smell your pee?"

7. "You always tie me near the bike when we're about to go to the vet."

8. "You may be the favorite dog... for now."

9. "I hope you don't think those doggy shoes are going on my feet."

10. "You've pretended to throw the ball 3 times now. I am not to be toyed with."

11. "Your things seem to be encroaching on my space."

12. "This is not the park."

13. "So that's what you do in our water bowl."

14. "No I don't believe that ladybug costume would look good on me."

15. "I hope you're not planning on eating all of that cheese."

16. "We're not going to the dog park, are we?"

17. "Do you really think I can't taste that medicine in my dog food?"

18. "That electric collar is for you, right?"

19. "Don't even think of setting me up with that poodle down the street."

20. "I didn't realize five minutes meant ten minutes now."

21. "You don't really think I'll be staying in this doghouse, do you?"

22. "Not sure if new leash or tracking device."

23. "This cow is mine."

24. "You know you have to return that, don't you?"

25. "You expect me to believe this is really bacon?"

26. "Oh really... the dog park changed it's name to Stevenson and Kline Veterinary Care?"

27. "I'm gonna have to go in for shots after this, aren't I?"


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