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26 Reasons Miranda Cosgrove Is The Queen Of Tumblr

Tumblr users have a very strange relationship with Miranda Cosgrove: some people love her, some people hate her, some people love to hate her -- but everybody talks about her. Here's my conclusive research on why this is the case.

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1. Because she takes home all the Teen Choice Awards:

2. Because she danced with Michelle Obama:

3. Because she can sing (and swear):

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4. Because she's not afraid to wear crocs:

5. Because she'd make the best Animorph:

6. Because she can transcend her human form:

7. Because she's a real "It" girl:

8. Because she was meant to sit the Iron Throne:

9. Because she would be great in a live-action "Toy Story":

10. Because she knows the best hiding spots:

11. Because she is everything:

12. Because she can rock the no-eyebrows look:

13. Because she likes to have Fun.:

14. Because if she were a hotdog she'd be bacon-wrapped:

15. Because she'd make a great nose:

16. Because she died for our sins:

17. Because you want her to be pregnant with you:

18. Because she inspires fear:

19. Because she is the Supreme Being:

20. Because she's the driving force behind "Drake & Josh":

21. Because she's all-seeing:

22. Because she'd be great in a Michael Jackson biopic:

23. Because you know you'd save a seat for her:

24. Because she turns the bass up:

25. Because she'd make a great Jack Sparrow:

26. Because she says so:

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