23 Expensive Gadgets Destroyed For Your Amusement

People these days are getting fed up with technology. Hopefully these videos will satisfy your urge to smash your gizmos so you don’t have to.

1. iPad 3 vs. Assault Rifle

2. Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. Crossbow

3. iPad vs. Blender

4. iPhone vs. Liquid Nitrogen

5. Nintendo 3DS vs. Sledgehammer

6. iPad 2 vs. Helicopter Minigun

7. Samsung Galaxy vs. Hammer

8. Xbox 360 vs. United States Army

9. iPhone 4S vs. Chris Hardwick (and Liquid Nitrogen)

10. LG GSlate Tablet vs. Flamethrower

11. Kindle Fire vs. Axe

12. iPad vs. Shotgun

13. iPhone 4 vs. Dragunov

14. Kindle vs. 3 Guys Who Saw “Office Space”

15. Alienware X51 Mini Gaming PC vs. Microwave

16. PlayStation Vita vs. Sledgehammer

17. Chrome Notebook vs. Blender

18. Xbox 360 vs. C4

19. iPad 2 vs. Axe

20. Xbox 360 vs. Thermite

21. iPhone 4 vs. Blender

22. PlayStation Vita vs. Sword

23. iPhone 4 vs. Power Ranger

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