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22 Things You Probably Shouldn't Buy At A Yard Sale

Some things are better off just going in the trash.

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1. Art:

2. A coffin:

3. Home furnishings:

4. A Sean Connery mug with a dolphin handle:

Actually, maybe you should buy this one.

Actually, maybe you should buy this one.

5. A real skeleton:

6. A vintage walker collection:

7. The cast of "Brave Little Toaster":

8. Super legit signed baseballs:

9. The soundtrack to installing Windows 98:

10. Far too much power and responsibility:

11. A Hitler watch:

12. Someone's ashes:

13. A think machine:

14. Apocalypse leftovers:

15. Super racist board games:

16. Damaged lawn flamingos:

17. Other people's family portrait:

18. Urinal accessories:

19. Titanic-Bot:

20. A pizza cheese shaker:

21. This thing:

22. Anything this woman has to offer:

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