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    21 Swimming Tips To Make Your Summer More Enjoyable

    Swimming is the best part of summer. Don't mess it up.

    1. Choose your swimming spot wisely.

    2. Don't be afraid to improvise.

    3. Get there before the crowds.

    4. Suit up.

    5. Make sure your water gadgets are up to date.

    6. Try bringing the shallow end to the deep end.

    7. Stay out of the water if you're pregnant.

    8. Feel free to express your excitement.

    9. Keep your tongue away from sea creatures.

    10. Make sure to keep track of your bowel movements.

    11. Look out for wild swimming pigs.

    12. Don't swim with the blanket.

    13. Keep your electronics outside the pool.

    14. Stock up on these...

    15. ...and these...

    16. ...but most importantly these.

    17. Fill your pool with wine...

    18. ...or jello.

    19. Please don't do what this lady does.

    20. And remember...

    21. ... you don't have to get your fur wet to enjoy swimming.