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18 Chicken Fingers That Look Like Other Things

Chicken is like a delicious Rorschach test. It can tell you a lot about yourself.

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1. Grandpa Simpson:

2. A seahorse:

3. The Millennium Falcon:

4. A manatee:

5. A zombie:

6. A boot:

Alternatively: Italy

Alternatively: Italy

7. A delicious milkshake:

8. Jay Leno:

9. A piece of shrimp:

10. A whale:

11. An alpaca:

12. A... uh... rocket ship:

13. George Washington:

14. A heart <3:

15. A dapper mustache:

16. A shark:

17. A praying dinosaur:

18. Bob Saget:

Note: totally undoctored.

Note: totally undoctored.

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