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    "Young Pope" Jokes Are Already The Best Jokes On The Internet

    He's not like a regular pope, he's a cool pope.

    In case you haven't heard, there's a new HBO show premiering Jan. 15 starring Jude Law as a young pope. It is called The Young Pope.

    And despite the fact that The Young Pope hasn't even premiered in the US yet, people have already got plenty of pope-centric jokes.


    WRITER: So, there’s this Pope, right? HBO EXEC: Go on WRITER: But get this - he’s young. And he fucks HBO EXEC: [cigar falls out of mouth]


    🎶i'm a bitch / i'm a lover / i'm the pope / only younger🎶


    I have NEVER agreed to watching a show faster than Young Pope. My friend was like "there's this show called Young Pope" and I said WHERE?


    I'm just a young pope, nobody loves me He's just a young pope, from a pope family


    TEEN 1: Church is so boring. TEEN 2: It's so out of touch. THE YOUNG POPE approaches pulpit: "Some...BODY once told me--" TEENS: HOLY SHIT


    Hi, I'm Jude Law. The first thing you probably thought upon seeing me is, whoa that guy would be way too young to be, say, pope. Well,


    hey now, you're a young pope not an old pope don't age


    THE YOUNG POPE (2016-) | Dir. Paolo Sorrentino | HBO


    we're all gonna die but some of us will live to watch HBO's 'POPE WHO FUCKS'


    Is this Young Pope show on HBO like a Muppet Babies thing?


    ♬ Popes like us Baby, we were born to Young♬


    when i was a young pope my father took me into the city to see a marching band


    INTERVIEWER: we require 5+ years experience. ME:



    The Young Pope sounds like the name of a fake show on 30 Rock.


    he's a young pope he loves his Father loves Jesus and the Vatican too


    *as I am riddled with tranq darts and stun gun barbs* The Young Pope is only 'young' compared to other popes!


    who let the popes out? young, young young, young


    "That's what I love about these Young Popes, man. I get older; they stay the same age."


    everyone needs to stop making fun of the young pope he is very young to be a pope and he needs our support


    inserting the humorous name of a hotly anticipated new TV series into song lyrics is becoming a bit of a ... wrung trope


    [whispering to date while watching The Young Pope when The Young Pope first appears on screen] That's the young pope.


    Honestly HBO's best move right now is to cancel The Young Pope and just air an hour of Young Pope jokes every week.

    *holds cigarette and makes sign of the cross* BLESS.