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Yes, Sam Heughan Is Actually Like His "Outlander" Character IRL

Sam is Jamie, Jamie is Sam.

Graham McTavish, aka Dougal MacKenzie on Outlander, treated fans to a panel today at New York Comic Con.

And he shared some fun behind-the-scenes secrets, including what his audition process for the show was like, just how hard it is to put on a kilt, and how gentlemanly Sam Heughan truly is.

"Learning how to put a kilt on properly is actually quite tricky," he said during the panel. "You have to lie down to put that on. You have to pleat it yourself, and then you lie in it, and you wrap it. And then you fold it over and do whatever you do around the shoulders. It’s a real skill."

"They cast Sam, and I had a chemistry read with him. I went and met Sam, who is, by the way, truly one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet," he said, to the joy of every Outlander fan on earth.

"He’s a proper gentleman and very, very like his character — really like Jamie. So we had a great time together."

So, yes, it's true: Sam Heughan is actually Jamie Fraser, the world's most precious redheaded muffin.