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    14 Shows You Can Binge-Watch After "Stranger Things"

    Fill that Eleven-sized hole in your heart.

    1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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    Can't get enough of Eleven saving everyone all the time? Well, make way for another badass chick who's used to saving the world (a lot): Buffy Summers, teenage vampire slayer. Buffy and the Scooby Gang are a little older than the Hawkins kids, but they still have that same "we're outsiders who love each other unconditionally" dynamic. And Willow Rosenberg will fill the Barb-sized hole in your heart. It's seven seasons long, which'll keep you occupied while we wait for new Stranger Things.

    2. Twin Peaks


    Stranger Things is very similar to Twin Peaks in a lot of ways β€” small town, weird stuff happens β€” but this '90s sci-fi staple just feels creepier. It's campier, weirder, and very David Lynch-y. Plus, "coffee and contemplation" easily could have been a Special Agent Dale Cooper line. It's only two seasons long, so you can whip right through β€” just make sure you have plenty of coffee and pie in the house before you dive in.

    3. Jessica Jones


    The Netflix original is a much darker, more sexual show than Stranger Things, but it also tackles supernatural powers and the emotional/physical toll they'd realistically take on a person. Jessica is like Eleven in 15 years β€” if she had never made friends and also became an alcoholic. There's only one 13-episode season so far, so it's a relatively fast watch.

    4. Charmed

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    This is like if Mike, Dustin, and Lucas were sisters instead of dude BFFs, and were also witches. Charmed is much more fantasy than sci-fi, but you still get some rad monsters and special effects, and lots more romantic drama. Plus, it's got that early '90s feel through all eight seasons β€” crop tops, butterfly hair clips, platform sandals, nondescript acoustic guitar background music β€” so there's a nice helping of happy nostalgia.

    5. Sleepy Hollow (Seasons 1 and 2)


    Sleepy Hollow is all about a seemingly invincible supernatural creature terrorizing a normal small town β€” sound familiar? Heroes Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills have a friendship dynamic similar to Mike and Eleven's β€” Abbie's constantly explaining modern-day slang and culture to the Revolutionary War captain β€” and Captain Frank Irving is like a more skeptical Chief Hopper who, yes, also punches a lot of people.

    6. Sense8


    Also a Netflix original, Sense8 is way, way, way more sexual than Stranger Things β€” there's a legit orgy β€” but also deals with supernatural elements and how they affect a group of unlikely friends. The soundtrack is killer, and there are a ton of action sequences β€” at times, it feels more like a movie. Also, there's a legit orgy.

    7. Orphan Black

    BBC America

    One of the cool parts of Stranger Things is seeing kids take a real interest in science. One of the cool parts of Orphan Black is that it's pretty much all about science β€” sexy cloning science. The four-season show (the final fifth season has yet to air) has a dark edge to it and a bevy of strong and capable women, and it also includes a wise-beyond-her-years girl who may be the key to everything β€” just like Eleven.

    8. Game of Thrones


    Yes, this is way more fantasy than sci-fi, but it's maybe the only show currently on TV that you'll become as obsessed with as you are Stranger Things. It's more shocking and bloody, and there's not a whole lot of children palling around and having a good time, but there are plenty of monsters β€” and the production value alone makes it worth the six-season binge-watch.

    9. The Leftovers


    The most important part of this show is Police Chief Kevin Garvey, who is almost as hot as Chief Hopper. The kinda sorta post-apocalyptic show is quietly terrifying, and it's more a study of human nature than supernatural monsters, but both seasons will get you your hot cop fix. And that's all that really matters.

    10. Adventure Time

    Cartoon Network

    This may seem like a big, weird jump, but it kind of isn't! Adventure Time is more than a cutesy cartoon β€” it's morbid and hilarious in the best way, and it's all about the undying friendship between two best friends. It's also less of a time commitment β€” each episode is only 11-ish minutes long, so you can cleanse your palate as you re-binge-watch Mike asking Eleven to go to Snowball with him.

    11. Smallville

    The WB

    First off, there are 10 SEASONS of this show, so it'll keep you busy for a while. It's an early '00s WB show, so it's part Dawson's Creek, part classic superhero story. It focuses on Clark Kent, aka teenage Superman, struggling to come to terms with his place in our world while also surviving high school. It's great because you get all that "I'm an alien sent to save the world, but I'm also awkward with girls" drama.

    12. Heroes (Season 1)


    The first season is so good. Just watch the first season.

    13. The Walking Dead


    If you were fascinated by how they made the monster in Stranger Things, this is the show for you. The zombie prosthetics alone will keep you hooked for all six seasons β€” and get you excited for the seventh.

    14. The X-Files

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    This is probably the best show to watch if you're obsessed with Stranger Things. X-Files will give you your necessary dose of government conspiracy, supernatural monsters, and a smart, no-nonsense leading lady with an iconic hairstyle. Scully and Mulder aren't scrappy Indiana kids, but they'll plug that hole in your heart for a while. Plus, there are 10 seasons, and one just came out this year.

    And if none of these work for you, just rewatch Stranger Things. Honestly, it's not getting old any time soon.


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