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    19 Posts You'll Only Get If You've Watched "13 Reasons Why" Season 2

    Clay Jensen, chaotic good.

    1. On the nature of humanity:

    2. On Bryce:

    3. And how we all feel about him:

    4. On Liberty High sports:

    5. On Jackie's color choices:

    6. On revisiting and remixing Season 1:

    7. On Hannah seeing Clay drive off with Skye:

    8. On character development:

    9. On Clay and Hanna's dynamic in Season 2:

    Clay talking to Hannah Baker in season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy ..

    10. On friendSHIP:

    11. And on straight-up shipping:

    12. On the importance of Tony's car this season:

    13. On that big fight scene:

    #13ReasonsWhy me when alex hit montgomery with his cane

    14. On every dude in the show:

    15. And on one specific dude in the show:

    16. Namely, Zachary Dempsey:

    17. ZAAACHARY:

    18. And on that final episode:

    19. Honestly, same:

    My reaction watching the final scene of season 2 #13reasonswhy

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