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Woody Allen Spoke At An Awards Ceremony For Diane Keaton And It Was Awkward

The Annie Hall director was the final guest speaker of the night.

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Actor, producer, photographer, and writer Diane Keaton is this year's recipient of the 45th annual American Film Institute Life Achievement Award.

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The ceremony was recorded Thursday, June 8, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. It's set to air June 15 on TNT.

The event honored Keaton's 40-year career in the arts and featured a number of celebrity speakers: Steve Martin, Reese Witherspoon, Martin Short, Rachel McAdams, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, Sarah Silverman, Jane Fonda, Morgan Freeman, Lisa Kudrow, and Emma Stone.

Between speeches from presenters, organizers rolled video footage of Keaton's various projects and featured commentary from the artist herself. Many of the clips included her collaborations with director Woody Allen.

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"[Woody Allen] can write women better than anyone," Keaton said during the footage. Allen, the 81-year-old Hollywood icon, is a longtime collaborator and friend of Keaton's. He has made limited public appearances since 2014, when his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, wrote an open letter in the New York Times alleging Allen abused her as a child.

An audible gasp went through the room when Allen was announced as the final speaker of the night. He then took the stage to pay tribute to — and awkwardly roast — Keaton.


"Her beauty is not conventional," Allen told the crowd. "Again, by 'conventional' I mean 'pleasing to the eye.' She dresses, as you know, to hide her sexuality. She's done a great job, because it's never emerged over the years."

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"But she's a beautiful girl and she's never succumbed to any face work or anything. She's very uncompromising. She prefers to look old," he continued, as Keaton cackled from the audience.

He also joked about Keaton's history with bulimia: "I would take her to these high-end restaurants, you know? Four hundred dollars for dinner and she was throwing them up. Could have taken her to Pizza Hut."

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He also made some jokes about her romantic past: "She's been involved romantically with half a dozen of the most gifted, charismatic men in Hollywood. And it's very interesting, because every one of them has dumped her."

"I love to tease her," he finished. "From the minute I met her she was a great, great inspiration to me. Much of what I've accomplished in my life I owe, for sure, to her. This is a woman who is great at everything she does."