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Will From "Stranger Things" Is Trapped In A Panic! At The Disco Music Video Now

Poor Will, always trapped somewhere.

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We all know Will (Noah Schnapp) from Stranger Things, yes? Sweet, young Will who spent most of Season 1 trapped in the Upside Down after opting to cast a protection spell over fireball?


Well, great news, he's out of the Upside Down! But, bad news, he's trapped somewhere else now: in the creepy new Panic! At The Disco music video for "LA Devotee."

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This is just so deeply unfortunate. Will's mom literally JUST freed him, and now here he is in another creepy, poorly lit netherworld.


Can we let Will live? Can we let him live in a world where he's not puking slugs and/or being force-fed from goblets?


Admittedly, this song is a bop and Brendon Urie looks fine...


...BUT POOR WILL. What are these witches doing?! This is worse than the Demogorgon.


Someone call Eleven, now. FREE WILL 2K16 (AGAIN).

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