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    What 17 Ordinary Things Look Like When You're Broke

    Ramen, glorious hair of the angels.

    1. "A penny on the street, maybe I'll pick it up for good luck," says your friend.

    "DIBS, I SAW IT FIRST, MOVE!" you scream, shoving pedestrians out of the way.

    2. "The office is catering lunch, how generous," says your friend.

    "How can I slip three more sandwiches into my bag without anyone noticing?" you say, quietly unzipping your bag.

    3. "Better check my bank account," says your friend.

    "Oh please, please let it be in the double digits," you pray as you type in your PIN number.

    4. "Breakfast! Bring on the muffins and bagels and lox, mmmmm!" says your friend.

    "Ahh, cereal time," you say to your empty fridge.

    5. "Lunch! Bring on the sandwiches and soups and wraps, mmmmm!" says your friend.

    "Ahh, cereal time," you say to your empty fridge.

    6. "Dinner! Bring on the steak and potatoes and green beans, mmmmm!" says your friend.

    "Ahh, cereal time," you say to your empty fridge.

    7. "I'm too drunk to take the train, let's hail a cab," says your friend.

    "Goodnight, sweet prince," you drunkenly whisper as you fall asleep on the stranger sitting next to you on the train.

    8. "I'm feeling lazy, let's have mac 'n cheese tonight," says your friend.

    "Not cereal?" you whisper, stars of wonderment in your eyes.

    9. "Laundry day!" says your friend.

    "Not too horrible, I can wear this again," you say, burying your nose in your dirty shirt.

    10. "An unexpected sale! Let's take a quick look," says your friend.

    "CLEAR A PATH, PEOPLE!!" you cry, and into battle you go.

    11. "My parents are in town and they want to take me out to dinner," says your friend.

    "I'll have two orders of the spaghetti and a loaf of garlic bread," you say, and avoid eye contact with your parents.

    12. "Happy hour is such a great way to catch up with friends," says your friend.

    "We'll talk about your relationship problems in exactly 33 minutes. BOTTOMS UP, YOU CHATTERBOXES!" you say, signaling the waitress for another round.

    13. "Eww, a roach in the apartment! Kill it, quick!" says your friend.

    "You don't name yours?" you say.

    14. "I don't know if the table is taking up too much space in the apartment," says your friend.

    "You can fit a WHOLE TABLE in your apartment?!" you say, in complete awe.

    15. "There's no way this apartment listing is even real," says your friend.

    "FINALLY! Something in my price range!" you cry in relief.

    16. "Let's get a nice bottle of wine to go with dinner tonight," says your friend.

    "Your cheapest bottle of wine sangria product, sir," you say to your local deli cashier.

    17. "Time for Game of Thrones, turn on the TV!" says your friend.

    "Cable," you whisper reverently. "I have heard of you in stories."