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27 Times Squidward Perfectly Captured The College Struggle

We are all Squidward.

1. When you try to sneak food out of the dining hall.

2. When you hand in a paper the second it's due.

3. When you're feeling ambitious and you sign up for a 9 a.m. class next semester.

4. And when you're actually sitting in that 9 a.m. class.

5. When the cashier rings up the total price of your used textbooks.

6. When you try to catch up on an entire semester of reading the night before the midterm.

7. When you overhear someone bragging about their GPA.

8. When you realize you just accidentally zoned out for an entire lecture.

9. When you're feeling tipsy at a party and you try to talk to your crush.

10. When you thought you were out of ramen but there's one package left.

11. When you're lying in bed and you realize you're listening to your roommate having sex.

12. When you're drunkenly showing your friend your crush on Instagram and she accidentally double taps.

13. When FINALS.

14. When your parents ask you if you're getting enough sleep.

15. When that one person you can't stand raises their hand in class and you know it's coming.

16. When you're home on break trying to eat as much free food as you possibly can.

17. When your morning class gets canceled unexpectedly.

18. When you suddenly remember the embarrassing drunk thing you did last night.

19. When you meet someone who already has their first post-grad job lined up.

20. When it's been a full month since you've had any goddamn time to do laundry.

21. When you have so much work to do but you can't stop watching Netflix.

22. When you go to the library during finals week and suddenly it's full of randos.

23. When you and your BFF miraculously end up in the same lecture.

24. When you tell someone your major and they ask, "What are you going to do with that?"

25. When you try to catch a quick 12-minute nap between classes.

26. When you're sitting at your computer waiting for class registration to open.

27. When anyone asks you what you're going to do after graduation.