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    19 Urgent Questions All '90s Kids Still Have About Christmastime

    Did Justin know what he was going to put in that box?

    1. What was Mariah sitting on?

    2. Why did Nick have his hands in his pits like Mary Katherine Gallagher?

    3. Did Gerald's hat really keep him warm AT ALL?

    4. Why did A Muppet Christmas Carol do this to us?

    5. Who was like, "Yeah, that looks great, keep doing that, Chris"?

    6. Why did the Cap'n look high AF?

    7. How come no one ever woke up before Mr. and Mrs. McCallister?

    8. Why did Garth Brooks look like a dressed-down Jareth the Goblin King?

    9. How did Mariah wear the exact same snowsuit as Randy in A Christmas Story in her "All I Want for Christmas Is You" music video, and still look amazing?

    10. Did the Rugrats actually get a visit from Santa?

    11. How did Uncle Jesse still manage to look like a total fox in that Christmas sweater?

    12. AND in those slacks?!?


    13. Why were Doug and Skeeter using a rake and a broomstick to play hockey?

    14. And what did Bluffington law enforcement have against cupcakes?

    15. Will there ever be a finer Santa than Mr. Feeny?


    17. Why was Magic the dog driving the Old Navy performance fleece sleigh?

    18. Will the world ever be gifted with a college boyfriend as dreamy as JTT in I'll Be Home For Christmas?

    19. Did Justin know, even then, what he would one day put in that box?