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"Typecast" Is The Only "Royals" Parody You'll Ever Need

Oh Lorde, this is good.

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"Typecast" is the hilarious and spot-on "Royals" parody about the stereotypes women of color face in the audition world.

Tess Paras, who wrote and stars in the video, told BuzzFeed that she wrote the sketch based on her own experiences auditioning.

Paras said, "My last name 'Paras' has Spanish roots because I'm Filipino, and the confused looks I receive tend to feel like some sort of micro-aggression...I always end up having to make light of the explanation and say something like, 'I'm Filipino! That's why I have an Asian face and a Spanish last name. Colonialism is crazy, right?'"

Paras said that she and her costars, Haneefah Wood and Ayana Hampton, bonded "because we've had many similar experiences."

They all "tend to see the model minority stereotypes at work often and wanted to address those in the video."

"It's tough because, in comedy, we're often taught that what's funny is that 'unusual thing' in a scene. However, some material treats race or stereotypes as that unusual thing, which is tough."

Paras also said that she's "really glad this critical conversation seems to be happening more in the media these days."

Paras recently appeared in an episode of NBC's Grimm that had a Filipino-centric storyline.


"Being a part of TV history like that makes me feel like audiences are warming up to the idea that TV can be as diverse as the real world."

Watch the whole hilarious video below.

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