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    Two Girls Are Advertising For "Fall Boyfriends" On Craigslist

    And it's pretty hilariously ingenious.

    Fall Madness officially peaked when two girl posted an advertisement on Craigslist for "Fall Boyfriends."

    Requirements include "a chill group of guy friends," loafers, and Patagonia vests.

    Possible activities the Fall Boyfriends should consider fair game are apple picking and Instagramming food dishes with a "heart emoji [and] all the fall emojis."

    All potential applicants should also "have a window in their bedroom and want to cuddle with the window slightly open to let the fresh autumn air in while a fall scented candle (that I'll buy for you, babe) fills the room with cozy comfort."

    The ad fails to specify if a love of pumpkin spice lattes is necessary, but it seems safe to assume it will only strengthen your candidacy.

    UPDATE: The authors have confirmed that the ad is "not for real, unless [they] find love, and then it's for real."

    Fox / Via

    They also added that "due to volume of submissions [they] cannot get back to everyone personally, but if [they] review an application and feel there is a good fit, [they'll] be in touch within 7-10 business days. (Note: Instagram handles help.)"

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