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    I'm Living For Channing Tatum's Thirsty Comment On Chris Hemsworth's Instagram

    I ship it.

    Ahh, what a great day this is, and for so many reasons! The first reason? Chris Hemsworth's shirtless in a new movie, Bad Times at the El Royale, and he shared a couple pics from the flick on his Instagram. Great!

    Then Josh Brolin, aka Thanos himself, showed his Infinity War costar some support. GrEaT!

    Then — man oh man, my cup overfloweth — Paul Bettany, aka Vision, lightly roasted his fellow Avenger. GREAT!

    But the real reason today is so great, good, next-level, beyond, is because Channing Tatum left Chris Hemsworth the thirstiest and best comment I have ever seen:

    "I will see anything with Chris shirtless in a field of flowers..."

    "...Or Chris looking like Jesus in the rain."

    And Chris was into it.

    Wow, never thought I'd be sitting here typing the words, "I relate to Channing Tatum in that we both have a big crush on Thor," but here we are. Great day.