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Tina Fey Is A Pro At Posing With Disney Characters

Same, Tina. Same.

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On the day of our Lord and Savior Tina Fey, March 25, we were gifted with a photo of our Good and Sovereign Queen posing with the mean girls of Cinderella — Cinderella's two infamous stepsisters and stepmother.

David Roark/ Disney Parks via Getty Images

Drizella is serving Queen Fey some side-eye, Lady Tremaine is looking shocked at being in the presence of someone more flawless than her, and Anastasia is being typical Anastasia and trying to steal the spotlight ugh.


Yes, it's true. Tina Fey is kind of a huge Disney geek and master of posing with IRL Disney characters. Here she is all the way back in 2010, sharing a shake with Goofy.

Here she is in 2013, nailing her pose with Snow White. Look at that arm placement, that subtle, relaxed smile. This is the face of a seasoned Disney veteran.

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