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21 Times Tumblr Made "Once Upon A Time" Fans Cry All Over Again

There is a town in Maine that will RIP YOUR HEART OUT.

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1. All the times Hook managed to slip the word "love" into his conversations with Emma:

2. The moment Regina realized she was a stranger to her son:

3. This fan's observation, and the Charming confirmation:

4. All the Disney Princesses overcoming impossible obstacles, side-by-side:

Disney / Via

5. The show's very different heroines all fighting for true love in the same way:

6. The second hug Snow ever got to give her daughter, 28 years later:

7. Pretty much how everyone feels about Captain Swan:

8. When Emma and Neal both struggled to make peace with their parents:

9. The time Aurora was even more mistaken than she knew:

10. When Emma realized for the first time that her best friend was also her mother:

11. When everyone wailed in unison:

12. When Will Scarlett unknowingly described Rumbelle:

13. When young Emma didn't realize she had parents out there who loved her:

14. When Graham was gone but not forgotten:

15. The moment Regina gave Henry hope without giving anything away:

16. When the real-life Rumple admired a real-life chipped teacup:

17. The moment Regina realized just how much her heart was still capable of:

18. The time everyone knew who Rumple was really talking to:

19. Cora first embracing her daughter, and Regina finally embracing her mother:

20. When August couldn't conceal just what he had hoped for:

21. All the shadows of the beloved characters we miss:

So, basically:

ABC / Via

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