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27 Times The Sherlock Fandom Won Tumblr

"Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side," Sherlock Holmes said to Tumblr.

1. When the game was on.

2. When this unholy mashup was born.

3. When someone finally uncovered Moriarty's origin story.

4. When this thoughtful fan lent John a hand.

5. When Sherlock and John had a nice, normal little chat.

6. When there was but one queen bitch.

7. When the rich, inner-life of Sherlock Holmes was captured so perfectly.

8. When Mrs. Hudson knock-knocked it out of the park.

9. When Sherlock's humanity was once again called into question.

10. When this absolutely smashing reenactment took place.

11. When Mike Stamford returned.

12. When the Johnlock thirst was real.

13. So very real.

14. So very, truly, extremely real.

15. So real that IT ALMOST BECAME CANON.

16. When the Whovians chipped in to create a moment of fandom perfection.

17. When everyone's addiction came together.

18. When this happened.

19. When the trifecta was on hiatus, and Sherlockians got top billing.

20. When promises were made, and it was very clear there would be consequences should they not be kept.

21. When there was only one down vote.

22. When this painful observation rang too true.

23. When the Supernatural fandom was in total agreement.

24. When the dash mirrored life too closely.

25. When this romantic parallel was drawn.

26. When this sick burn happened.

27. When this was the unquestionable truth.