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    23 Times Masculinity Didn't Quite Work Out


    1. This refined sense of manly smell.

    2. This manly, manly recline.

    3. He who put the "man" in "fisherman."

    4. This tale of manly sorrow.

    5. This manly method of tenderizing a man-sized steak.

    6. This manly grooming routine.


    8. TWICE.

    9. This most manly optimist.

    10. This manly demonstration of physics.

    11. This stolen moment of manly passion.

    12. This manly vigilante artist.

    13. These, the manliest of Saturday night plans.

    14. This man's refusal to allow weather to dictate his grilling schedule.

    15. This rogue musician, who was too manly for the triangle.

    16. Woe betide he who thinks a candle cannot be a manly addition to any man cave.

    17. This manly attempt to conquer nature.

    18. This most masculine of men, who will not be be commanded by MERE METAL.

    19. The manly fruits of this trip to the grocery, which will undoubtedly result in a WRENCH SANDWICH.

    20. This most masculine award.

    21. This manly cake, engraved with the blood of vanquished enemies.

    22. This, the manliest of names ever to manly.

    23. This beet.