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    28 Creepy Tim Burton Costumes That Will Inspire Low-Key Goth Ladies

    Creepy's the new sexy.

    1. This wonderfully accessorized Lydia Deets.

    2. And her undead groom.

    3. This terrifyingly accurate take on Lady Beetlejuice in her snake form.

    4. And her fellow Burtonverse girlfriends.

    5. This take on her more classic, moldy corpse form.

    6. This simplistic homage.

    7. This holistic homage.

    8. And this iconically striped lip.

    9. And this nod to the best character in the whole film.

    10. Seriously, Miss Argentina was the best.

    11. This simple, dark take on Alice.

    Jime Ghirlandi CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: jihmar

    12. And her creepy Chessur.

    13. This gorgeously reimagined Mad Hatter.

    14. And this perfect replication.

    15. This flawless Queen of Hearts, who only needs a warm pig for her feet.

    16. And this gorgeous, minimalist nod to the monarch.

    17. This horrifying Pumpkin Queen of Halloween Town.

    18. This simpler interpretation.

    19. And the Pumpkin Queen's ragdoll soulmate.

    20. This more cartoonish version.

    21. And a low-maintenance nod to Shock.

    22. This winning twosome, Catwoman and the Corpse Bride.

    23. And a solo, scary Corpse Bride.

    kelly CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: kellyhogaboom

    24. This more ornate, creepy interpretation.

    25. And this beautiful, delicate version.

    26. Lady Edward Scissorhands, artfully scarred.

    27. And complete with her iconic hair.

    28. This demon barber of Fleet Street, bloody and ready to exact her revenge this Halloween.

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