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Here's Proof That Dad Jamie Fraser Is The Best Jamie Fraser

Farewell to my ovaries.

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It's been an emotional roller coaster for Jamie and Claire on Outlander this season. They've reunited with old enemies...

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...and had to try to overcome some real obstacles in their marriage.

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None more dire, of course, than the Honeypot Scandal.

But in an exclusive sneak peek of this week's episode, we see Claire and Jamie find their way back to a loving place again — as they always do:

The touching moment takes place, thankfully, with Scotland's most gorgeous couple lying in bed together.


(And Jamie is shirtless, a very important detail we should all take a moment to fully absorb.)


And then their little bairn kicks, and Shirtless Jamie is just so adorably taken aback.


And then, in his perfect Scottish accent, Shirtless Jamie TALKS TO CLAIRE'S BELLY.


Bye, everyone.

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