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    This Heroic Furry Got Anakin Skywalker To Sign A Jar Of Sand


    Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, you're probably aware of one very important fact about Sith crybaby Anakin Skywalker: He hates sand.

    Disney / Lucasfilm

    He told his forbidden love and non-crybaby Padmé Amidala as much in 2002's Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and people have memed the shit out of it ever since.

    He may have the highest midi-chlorian count of all time, but boy does he hate sand.

    You may underestimate his power, but never underestimate how much he hates sand.

    He may bring balance to the Force, but one thing is for sure: He will not do so if sand is involved.

    This weekend, at the Star Wars 40th Celebration in Orlando, Anakin Skywalker himself, aka actor Hayden Christensen, appeared at his first Star Wars Celebration since 2002.

    Gerardo Mora / Getty Images

    And one fan — one absolute hero — got him to sign A JAR OF SAND.

    Definitely paid $130 to have Hayden Christensen sign a jar of sand #SWCO

    That hero is 22-year-old Spike Springe from Lawrence, Kansas, and he's newer to the Star Wars fandom than some. "This might sound bad, honestly, but The Force Awakens was my very first Star Wars movie, ever," he laughed. "I get shit about it."

    Keely Flaherty / BuzzFeed News

    Springe, a full-time costume designer who specializes in custom fur suits for furry conventions, was in Orlando with the 501st Legion, a volunteer organization of Star Wars costume enthusiasts. In addition to a custom fur suit, Springe made a screen-accurate Kylo Ren costume for the Orlando event.

    "I just didn’t watch the movies in my childhood, like I think most people here did," Springe said of his heroic sand stunt, "so I think that’s why I was a little more OK using this opportunity for a complete, like, joke. I love Anakin, I love the character. I love Kylo [Ren] so I’m just like, 'Yes, grandpa.'"

    Keely Flaherty / BuzzFeed News

    He shelled out $130 for the autograph ticket — which sold out in "a couple of hours" — and his friend came up with the sand idea. Springe went to Michaels, an arts and crafts chain, bought some sand and a jar, and superglued it shut before his flight to Florida.

    So how did Christensen react? "He thought it was pretty funny, actually. He laughed about it," Springe said. "I was really terrified because I thought he was either going to hate me, or he was going to think it was funny. There wasn’t going to be an in-between. But he was super nice about it, and he’s a really nice guy."

    Gerardo Mora / Getty Images

    Springe, fandom icon, has no plans to sell the jar. "I’m going to go home and put it on my mantel," he said. "It’s going to be a living meme in my house."

    You can check out more of Springe's heroism on Twitter and Instagram.