21 Things You're Doing Wrong In The Bathroom

    THERE ARE GERMS EVERYWHERE. Once you can accept that fact, we can move on.

    1. You're not cleaning your toothbrush.

    2. You’re flushing the toilet with the lid up.

    3. You're wasting water trying to find the right temperature.

    4. You're drying yourself off too vigorously.

    5. You're at risk for slipping.

    6. You're using the wrong shampoo.

    Why: Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate is the ingredient that helps shampoo lather and may be a culprit in causing dry, frizzy hair.

    Try this instead: Try a sulfate-free shampoo, available at your local drugstore or online, like L'Oréal EverPure or Living Proof Full Shampoo.

    7. You're flushing money down the drain in the form of razors.

    8. You're rubbing your body with millions of gross dead skin cells.

    9. You're destroying your horny layer.

    10. You're letting your skin dry out.

    11. You're not peeing in the shower.

    12. You're using antibacterial soap.

    13. You're washing your hands wrong.

    14. You're not cleaning your filthy retainer.

    15. You're not using your shower to steam your clothes.

    16. You're over-shampooing.

    17. Your laziness is turning your contacts case into a cesspool.

    18. You're developing deodorant-immunity.

    19. You’re leaving smears on the bathroom mirror.

    20. You're letting your shower curtain attack you.

    21. You're leaving skid marks in the toilet.

    You're taking your bathroom for granted. It's a magical place.